About Esthetic Laser Clinic

Esthetic Laser Clinic is a world class state of the art Laser hair removal and esthetic center, dedicated to enhancing our client’s sense of well being. We utilize what we feel is the most advanced skin care and laser hair removal technology and treatment modalities to provide comfortable non-invasive cosmetic treatments in a safe and ethical environment.

We are in the business of helping people look and feel their best. We recognize the importance in identifying our clients personal esthetic needs along with educating how the technology works and what to expect.

We simply want you to look your best!!

Everything we do at Esthetic Laser clinic is centered on you. We want your experience to be pleasant and one of convenience. That’s why we brought together a friendly staff that is extremely knowledgeable and caring and caters to your every need.

The staff at Esthetic Laser Clinic is trained specifically to provide the care convenience and comforts you deserve. The staff members are trained to give you the service that they would expect themselves.

Our professional trained staff has over 25 years of experience in the hair removal and Esthetic and skin treatment field and can answer all of your questions and concerns.

Recognized as the go-to skin care center in Virginia for advanced non invasive anti aging treatments, we offer skin care services suitable for all skin types.

State of the art equipment

Some people say that they have lasers to do hair removal but when and if you ask, they will tell you that they only have an IPL machine for hair removal. IPL is not a laser it is a flash bulb of tremedous strength. The whole principal of LASER HAIR REMOVAL is selective photothermolysis. It is how a laser can provide you with the best results by targeting only the hair and not heating up your skin (epidermis) as an IPL machine will do.


We employ the latest innovative techniques to create enhancements that best reflect your unique inner and outer beauty. To achieve the best results, our approach is as unique as you are. Our expert Master Estheticians are trained to administer medical aesthetics with precision. We analyze each patient’s unique facial features, then combine this analysis with their goals to customize natural looking enhancements.